May 5th is a big day for little people in Japan because it's...Children's Day! (Kodomo no hi) That's right, a day to celebrate the kiddos.

One fun tradition on this day is donning a "kabuto", a helmet worn by ancient Japanese warriors.
But let's face, it's fun to play Samurai any day!

What about you? Do you have the Samurai spirit?
Find out by making your own Kabuto warrior helmet with this simple tutorial

Make one for your stuffies, figurines or make a big one for yourself!
All you need is a square piece of paper.
(try newspaper for the bigger ones!)
If you want to make a giant one and have a live Samurai showdown,
here is a great video tutorial.

Have fun and show us your cool kabutos by tagging @kikoandgg! 
(Wait..this dude needs a Kabuto!)

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