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Wrong fit for older model?

The product was shipped very carefully and arrived in good condition—but it did not fit properly into the house frame. I purchased mine a few years ago and am assuming the model/sizing has slightly changed (unfortunately for us). We cut back the screen on both sides but could only go so far so as not to damage the screen function. Despite our best efforts, it does not fit properly as the eraser function gets caught due to bowing. So, our cute little house no longer works.

Tina Powers

I’m so happy I figured out the screen was replaceable. My son made a hide hole in our screen last year and it’s been hidden away in our closet. I was able to replace the screen so he can play with it again. Thanks!!

kristina sisul
Thank you for making a replacement screen!

We have loved our drawing board for years, we got it when my oldest son who is now nine, was a toddler. By the time it got to my 4th son the screen had seen better days, but the rest of the board was in perfect condition. The fact that I can save this toy from a landfill and my 4th son can use it like new, makes me so happy. My 1 year old loves it and it’s once again getting attention from my 4 and 6 year old. Thank you!

Dear Kristina, thank you so much for taking the time to leave us this nice review! That's fantastic that your drawing board keeps getting passed on!

We're so glad that you appreciate being able to get a replacement screen - in fact it's thanks to all of our customer feedback that we decided to make this available! We're so pleased that you were able to swap it into your board with issues and that the toy has found new life - thank you again for being such a (longtime!) Oekaki drawing board user! With lots of love, team kiko+gg